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These terms and conditions of use ("Terms of Use") applies to usage of Internet resource MP-Fish,  on website http://www.mp-fish.com ("Site") and Mobile Applications MP-Fish: Fishes of Russia, Fisherman's Calendar, Fisherman's Notepad, Fishing Knots, Fisherman's Humor ("Mobile applications").

To register on Site and in Mobile Applications needs to confirm Terms of Use.
1. You need to learn the details of the Terms of Use.
2. You are fully responsible for the security, privacy, and enable the use of all materials and information that you post on the Site and Mobile Applications.
3. Site and Mobile Applications may contains the materials that can inspire your objections.
4. You must use Site and Mobile Applications in accordance with the law of your country.
5. Contact information can only be placed in a special section.
6. You must not mislead, intimidate or harass other users. You can not use Site and Mobile Applications for sale of any goods and services or the distribution of materials without permission of the Company.
7. Do not forget to read the details of Privacy Policy.


Site and Mobile Applications created as a personal page, in order to keep their records and photos and share them. It is very important for you and for us to always remain calm and friendly atmosphere. To support this, you can not post insulting, obscene statements, pornographic material or any other material offensive to human dignity. Equally important, you should not publish materials promoting terrorist activities or conduct that would be considered a criminal offense. Finally, you should not publish materials that violate intellectual property rights, that is not to copy the material or pictures of other people without their permission.
Posting User Content on Site, and Mobile Applications, you grant the right to use of the materials by marketing, advertising and other purposes. If you do not want your materials have been used, please let us know by e-mail support@mp-fish.com.

In addition to photos and materials posted by you on Site or Mobile Applications (User Info), all text, graphics, interfaces, trademarks, logos, music and pictures of Site are the property of MP-fish, controlled by the company, and are also protected by copyright and rights intellectual property rights.
No part Site may be copied or reproduced in any way on the computer, server, website or other carrier for publication or distribution of commercial enterprise, without the prior written consent of the MP-Fish.
We offer the ability to download and save pages from Site for viewing on your PC.


About Company
MP-Fish reserves the right, in sole discretion:
1. To change, modify, add, or remove portions of "Terms of Use" at any time. Periodically review the "Terms of Use" for changes is your responsibility. Continued use of Site and Mobile Applications after changes mean you agree with these changes.
2. Modify access to published materials at moderation Site and Mobile Applications.
3. Edit or delete any content on Site and a Mobile Applications that do not meet the terms of the Agreement, or which are detrimental to the Company or to third parties.
4. Restrict access to publication of materials or to work with Site, and Mobile Applications for repeated violations of our Terms of Use.
5. To report about illegal activity or published materials to the relevant authorities.

Waiver and release of liability
MP-Fish does not control and is not responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the material published by users on its Site and Mobile Applications. MP-Fish is not responsible for any losses, damage, losses of data or any other losses that occurs from the use of Site and Mobile Applications.
MP-Fish is not responsible for and shall not be liable for any economic losses, losses of goodwill or reputation, losses of data or any other damages, including, if it was possible to foresee that it occurs during use of Site or Mobile Applications .
From time to time we may publish links of third parties on Site or Mobile Applications. We provide them solely for your use and convenience. Links do not constitute a recommendation MP-Fish and do not mean that we have anything to do with this site. We are not responsible for the content of any site, nor does it accept responsibility for any losses, damage, injury, expense or possible liability that you may incur, under a contract with a third party who run those sites.