Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy covers the use of the Internet resource MP-Fish website and mobile applications MP-Fish.


On resource MP-Fish confidentiality of information is of paramount importance. Our privacy policy is aimed to maximize the protection of your data using the MP-Fish.
Use of the site and mobile applications MP-Fish means that you have read and agree the Privacy Policy. If you fundamentally disagree with any of the items, just do not use the MP-Fish.About Children

We do not set age limits and give you the opportunity to minors register on our site and install applications.


About MP-Fish and the information that we gather.
MP-Fish - is an application for mobile devices that can be viewed as its own and other people's records and images, and edit personal entries. MP-Fish is convenient for storage and display of thematic information of both mobile devices and through web-browsers, and is free for all users.


For user authentication mechanism we use to authenticate via an account Google. Accordingly, it becomes available to your email address. Access to this location is only our authorized personnel. Other data of your Google account (including your account password and other data) are not available to us.


To be able to communicate through our applications and web-based interface, we require nickname, upload an avatar and other additional public data. These data, can be always corrected or changed by you on the page "Settings" in personal area.
At your option, you can choose what to write about yourself in your account. Please remember that pictures you post can show your attitude to some things and talk about your health. If you post personal information means that you agree with the Privacy Policy.


If you send us correspondence, such as a letter or email, as well as other users or third parties send information about your activities or materials published on the site, we may collect information in the files that will be accessible to authorized personnel. We may also collect other people's comments, which were sent in the complaints.


Cookie is the information sent by a web server to a user's computer to store in the browser. We use the cookie to store the session. Cookie with the session are deleted when you close your browser. Some of our partners also use cookie, for example, placing advertisements, however, we have no control over these cookie.


If you still want to stop saving cookies in the future, please see the instructions in the browser's "Help" menu in your browser. For more information on the management and disposal of cookie can be found here: or
During the use of our website, we automatically save information about your email and IP addresses. All Web sites collect this information for analytical purposes. If you disclose personal information through our website, for example by using records of catches or messages, the responsibility rests solely with you. We reserve the right to restrict the right of access to the services of people who use the site or mobile applications, breaking the Terms of Use.


How your information is used
We use information about our users for making marketing decisions, analyze usage statistics and use this Site and Mobile Applications, payment processing and conducting transactions, and most importantly - to improve services. These data allow us to make Site better and realize the most useful and interesting ideas. We use the information to resolve disputes and troubleshoot problems in accordance with our Terms of Use.


You may want to be notified about new site features and applications. You can always adjust or abandon these posts under "Settings."


By registering on Site, you acknowledge and agree that the public part of personal information and other published materials, including information affecting the feelings and dignity, may be available in other countries. Please note that countries outside Europe may have lower standards of data protection.
Please remember that we can also use published materials as public open access online resources and mobile applications MP-Fish for advertising and promotional purposes on our website and on the websites of our partners, as well as within mobile applications.


Disclosure of your information
We do not sell or share personal information about our users to third parties. We use the information for marketing and promotional purposes. However, even in these cases, the information to verify your identity, such as your password is not even available. This information, including your password, not accessible to anyone but you.
In order to maintain a safe atmosphere, MP-Fish cooperates with law enforcement agencies and other organizations to provide intellectual property and other rights.
We reserve the right to disclose your personal information in accordance with the law, in cases when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and / or it is a requirement of the court, as well as in the event of litigation situation that arose on our site.


Your use of someone else's information
You can not use someone else's information for commercial purposes, engage in spam, threaten or commit illegal acts. We reserve the right to block access to Site and Mobile Applications to people who abuse the information of other users, or otherwise violate the Terms of Use.


If you have not visit Site or not running Mobile Applications for more than 12 months, we may delete your account and all data in the process of cleaning the data.


Control of your password
We have no access to your password. Google gives us a temporary secret key, which you get access to your personal account after login account through Google.


View and edit personal information
By registering, you can see and edit all your personal information, including:
Your public email address;
Your avatar;
Your photos;
Your city, region, country;


Please be sure to update the data if someone took advantage of some way to your personal cabinet. We advise you to periodically change your password in order to reduce the risk of hacking your account.


You may request a copy of your information (for which we may withhold the commission).
We welcome any comments or suggestions for improving the efficiency and functionality of Site, please do not hesitate to email our Customer Support, including, if you need to change any settings or information.


MP-Fish takes all security measures to ensure protection for loss or incorrect use of the information on our Site. MP-Fish uses technical standards to protect the confidentiality of personal information, including firewalls. Although the "absolute security" does not exist on the Internet, our technical experts are constantly working on your safety when using the Site.


Deleting an account
Members online resource MP-Fish can modify or delete personal information from our database in two ways:
Take advantage of the removal of the private office;
Send message to support service from your mails Google, linked to the account through which the application was installed from Google Play.


Changes to this Privacy Policy
If we decide to amend the Privacy Policy or the use of email addresses, we will post those changes on the main page, the page of Privacy in other appropriate places, so you'll be sure about how we collect and use the information and in what cases may disclose it.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, so please, sometimes through this section. If we make material changes, you will be notified by e-mail, or it will be published on the home page.